Food Safety: Bali Tourists are Unknowlingly Eating Dog Meat

Posted by Becky Bouterey

Food Safety Problems You May Experience When You Travel

It has been reported that tourists have been unknowingly eating dog meat whilst holidaying in Bali. 

This has come to light after an undercover Animal Australia investigator, identified as Luke, infiltrated the Bali dog trade by going behind the scenes of the industry to create a documentary.


It has been documented that more than 70 restaurants in Bali serve dog meat.

Evidence has been provided by Luke which displays graphic footage of the dogs being brutally captured and then butchered close to one of Bali's most popular beaches. Poisoning dogs with cyanide is one of the common methods used to kill the dogs almost instantaneously.   

A street vendor at a popular beach admitted that he is selling dog, but this is not what he tells his tourist customers. He passes it off as chicken. 

This holds a massive health threat to customers as there's a high chance of them consuming meat contaminated with cyanide. If someone consumes a curry, this could contain dog organs that carry a stronger dose of cyanide which could result in fatality.

The clinical toxicologist said concentrations of cyanide in the flesh of the dog commonly used in a satay stick could result in minor symptoms such as "feeling nauseated, diarrhea, aches in the muscles and shortness of breath".

You can find the original report here



  1. Be alert when consuming food at tourist facilities
  2. Check the cleanliness of the facility
  3. Check to see they keep cooked, raw and allergen food separate.
  4. Check to see them washing their hands
  5. Do they cook and store food at the right temperature



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