Building a Continuous Improvement Program with Toyota Kata

Posted by Craig Thornton

Webinar Background

Most continuous improvement programs fail.

This is because they are focusing only on delivering the “big bang”. Or worse, they jump to conclusions of what is needed. This leads to wasted efforts and unhappy employees.

In this webinar we discussed a technique – Toyota Kata – that will help your improvement programs succeed.


Kata: noun – a system of training or a choreographed pattern that is practiced to build expertise.

Toyota Kata provides a scientific framework to build your continuous improvement muscles “one experiment at a time”. It does this by focusing only on the next small step, or experiment.  The results of which let you understand if you are going in the direction.

These small incremental experiments accelerate your organisations improvement program while giving it the agility to change direction at each experiment.

The inbuilt coaching framework gives your people the tools to help each other run the program and drive the continuous improvement that you really need.

 Here is a link to the slides. 




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