Meeting the Challenges of Food Safety

Posted by Craig Thornton

Webinar Background

In this webinar we were joined by Andrew Thomson from Think ST Solutions. Andrew is the company director for Think ST Solutions, a food safety publications, consultancy and training organisation.

New Zealand has adopted a risk-based approach to food safety management and requires a food business to produce safe food. Central to this approach is the requirement for a food business to develop a Food Control Plan.


The introduction of the Food Safety Standards in all Australian States and Territories was designed to ensure better public health outcomes through the improvement of food safety practices within a food business.

The lessons learnt from the Australian context provides insight into possible ways forward for the broader food industry across New Zealand. These learning's can be best understood in terms of risk, capacity, capability and consistency. Food businesses must have in place sound business practices to ensure they are managing all business risks.

Here are the slides.

The YouTube video discussed in the webinar is here.





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