Freebie Friday - Free Food Safety Advice - Food For Thought Series

Posted by Craig Thornton

In this Freebie Friday you are getting some free food safety advice from world leading science speakers.

Starting in April 2021 the Australian Academy of Science kicks off their 2021 Food for Thought speaker series.



Details of thee Series

If you didn't know already but it's the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables.

To celebrate the Academy has created a journey for you to explore. These will cover your gut’s microbiome, discover the truth and promise of genetic modification and the find out about the future of food and nutrition. 

The confirmed dates are:
Tuesday 13 April – GM Foods
Tuesday 8 June – Gut Health
Tuesday 10 August – Alternative Food Sources
Tuesday 12 October – Food Security
Tuesday 14 December – Future of Food & Nutrition



Food for Thought: GM Foods

What’s the difference between a selectively bred banana and a banana that has been genetically engineered?

Food for Thought: Gut Health

Forget mind control – gut control is the new frontier. A growing body of evidence suggest that gut health plays a significant role in mental health and vice versa: what you eat is what you feel.

Food for Thought: Alternative Food Sources

What does a locally grown, sustainable diet mean to you? Perhaps it’s time to expand your palate to chow down on a crunchy cricket, sample a sprinkle of lemon myrtle or taste a tangy bush tomato chutney.

Food for Thought: Food Security

Hear from our speakers Professor Andrew Campbell, CEO of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and Dr Katherine Kent from the University of Western Sydney, as they discuss the topic of Food Security.

Food for Thought: The Future of Food and Nutrition

How is it that a blob of slime instinctively knows what and how much to eat, yet humans can’t seem to figure it out?


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