Has health and safety management lost its way?

Posted by Craig Thornton

Webinar Background

In this webinar, Craig Thornton from Mango was joined by Greg Smith from Wayland Legal.

Greg has just written a book "Paper Safe" that argues that "... at some point health and safety management has lost its way. Rather than being concerned about protecting workers and others from the hazards associated with business, health and safety management has devolved into a self-perpetuating industry which seems to have driven a wedge between management and the workforce."

In this webinar Craig interviews Greg on his outlook towards health and safety. They discuss what companies can do better to understand and manage bureaucracy in health and safety, and ultimately what steps we can take to de-clutter safety management systems and reconnect management, workers and safety processes to the purpose of keeping people safe.

This webinar is for anyone involved in workplace health & safety – from directors through to health safety representatives.

Here are the slides from the webinar. You're welcome to share these with others in the industry.

Watch this 1-hour webinar to find out everything you need to know. 

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