Freebie Friday - How to Manage Hazardous Chemicals - Video Series

Posted by Craig Thornton

In this freebie Friday, I present to you all you need to know when managing your hazardous chemicals.   

Our popular webinar presenter Laurie O'Donoghue from Total Management and Training, presents his Hazardous Chemicals Safety Series for you to improve your knowledge and know-how.   


1. Overview of Hazardous Chemicals

Total Management and Training has designed this eight-part video series to educate you on everything related to hazardous chemicals. 

Video 1: Overview of hazardous chemicals

Video 2: Globally Harmonised Systems

Video 3: Where To Get Information On Hazardous Chemicals

Video 4: Conducting Hazardous Chemicals Risk Assessment

Video 5: Control Measures To Consider When Using Hazardous Chemicals

Video 6: What Training Should Be Provided For Hazardous Chemicals?

Video 7: Emergency Procedures For Hazardous Chemicals

Video 8: How to Safely Store Hazardous Chemicals In the Workplace


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