How does the introduction of ISO 45001 affect our organisation? (AS 4801)

Posted by Craig Thornton

This is a video series from Mango partner Andrew Thornhill from IRM Systems in Melbourne, Australia.

Welcome to another blog, in this one we’re going to have a look at How does the introduction of ISO 45001 affect our organisation?’

Particularly if we have a management system built around the old Australia / New Zealand Standard for safety management systems, 4801.

Whether we are certified, or just have system based on AS/NZS 4801 - what’s happening with this new standard?



  1. If you have a safety system based on the old standard, you don’t have to throw that out and start again by any means. ISO made it quite clear that they were basing this standard and drawing on good practice from existing standards. 
  2. A really good approach is to not assume that you've got not business or safety processes that might be contributing to meeting Clause 4.1.  You don't have to start from scratch.


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