How to build a winning compliance culture

Posted by Craig Thornton

Expect big things from your QHSE compliance efforts  

Here’s a link to an article by Queensland Training Service which makes many excellent points about how to build a winning compliance culture – especially in remote sites.  

It also touches on the need to choose a compliance software solution that isn’t just about compliance.

Good compliance software doesn’t just help the organisation to comply – it also helps the organisation’s employees to do their job.  It makes tasks easier to perform - and it makes the individual better at doing their job. 

The net effect is that the organisation doesn’t just comply – it also derives tangible value from its compliance efforts – and it does that without annoying its workforce.  In fact, when done right, employee satisfaction actually increases.

Of course not all QHSE compliance software is made equal and some of the naysayers (quite naturally) base their cynicism of such bold promises on a bad personal experiences (one bitten, twice shy and all that).

However, there is more than enough evidence - both on this website and others - of organisations sharing their very positive experiences.

As with many things in life, when it comes to compliance its worth remembering that nobody really wins unless everybody wins. 


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