Webinar: How To Create a Remote Internal Audit Schedule

Posted by Craig Thornton

It is becoming increasingly hard to carry out on-site audits in the workplace. Now is the time to start doing your audits remotely, and one way to be highly organised with this is to ensure your audit schedule is up to date. 

Key points in the video include: 

  • Using different platforms for internal auditing
  • Planning your audit and communication 
  • Example audit schedule
  • Objectives and Scope of Audit Program
  • Risk
  • ‘Problem’ areas – data sources?
  • Timing of your audit schedule 
  • Opportunities for remote auditing
  • Things to consider with your internal audit



In this webinar, we were joined by auditing-expert Andrew Thornhill from IRM Systems in Melbourne, to outline some ideas you can use when creating your audit schedule. 

Typically we see internal audit schedules that only just meet a standard, but now is the time to make your systems really fly. 

Here are the slides from the webinar. 

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