Freebie Friday - Introduction to Quality Management including ISO 9001:2015

Posted by Craig Thornton

In this Freebie Friday you will be getting some free quality management and ISO 9001 training.

Our partner in the United Kingdom, Chris Docherty from FQM, has put together a webinar giving you the basics on quality and ISO 901.

Watch below.

Quality management




In this webinar recording, Chris gave an introduction to quality management systems (QMS) with ISO 9001:2015.

Discussion points in the video:

  1. What is Quality Management?
  2. What is a Management System?
  3. Benefits of a QMS
  4. ISO Background
  5. Timeline to ISO 9001:2015 Revision
  6. Annex SL
  7. High Level Structure
  8. The ISO 9001 Standard
  9. Benefits of a QMS (With ISO 9001 Certification)
  10. Processes, NOT Products
  11. Process Approach
  12. Process Approach Quality Management
  13. Purpose of the Process Approach
  14. Risk Based Thinking
  15. ISO9001:2015 Risk & Opportunities
  16. What is "Risk Based" Thinking?
  17. What Should I do?
  18. Key Points to Consider
  19. Why is Risk like Swiss Cheese?
  20. Risk Assessment
  21. Risk Register
  22. Process -- Risk
  23. Addressing Risk
  24. Plan-Do-Check-Act
  25. Process + Risk + PDCA Model
  26. Case Study
  27. ISO 9001:2015 QMS Structure
  28. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Principles
  29. Four Tools of Quality Management
  30. ISO 9001:2016 Standard Overview


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