Top 5 Lessons from one year of ISO 45001

Posted by Craig Thornton

Watch the webinar to find out some important lessons to be learnt that you can put into action for your business today. 



Webinar Background

The health and safety standard ISO 45001 has been out for almost 12 months.  Now’s the time to talk about what we have learnt from using it in practise.

In this webinar we discussed the standard with an ISO 45001 external auditor and consultant, Andrew Thornhill from  IRM Systems, one of Australia’s leading occupational safety consultancies.

Topics covered in this webinar were: 

  1. AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 vs ISO 45001
  2. Leadership and Commitment 
  3. Impact on outsourcing, procurement and contractors 
  4. Participation and Consultation - is there an increase in these aspects? 
  5. Change in the way organisations approach management systems 
  6. Q&A

As mentioned during this webinar, here is the recording from the Greg Smith Webinar.

As discussed, here is the document to download. 

Here are the slides from this webinar.





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