Dispelling the Myths about ISO Certification - Webinar recording

Posted by Craig Thornton

Missed the Live Event? 

No problem - watch a recording of the webinar here



Webinar Background

Over the years there have been lots of myths about getting certified to ISO standards.

Things like:

“Oh isn’t it just lots of extra paperwork?”

“It makes you work a different way”

“It’s written in gobbledegook”

“Getting ISO certified is expensive”

Now is the time to dispel some of those myths.

In this webinar I discuss these myths with Phil Potter of PKP & Associates based in Sydney in Australia. Phil is an experienced compliance consultant with many years managing and consulting business with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS 4801.

We provide advice to you to dispel these myths within your organisation. You will get some actionable advice to take away and implement in your business to improve your compliance programmes.

Here is a link to the slides


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