UK's Largest Chicken Factory Caught out in Major Food Safety Allegations

Posted by Craig Thornton

UK's biggest chicken supplier under fire

One of Europe’s largest chicken suppliers has recently come under fire for allegedly breaching food safety standards.

Two undercover journalists from the Guardian and ITV News were inside the £3bn-revenue food processor, 2 Sisters Food Group to see their operations in practice.


The journalists were disturbed to find a total disregard of food safety and quality assurance throughout Portioning and Packing Plant and the Slaughtering Facility. 

Employees were recorded changing the slaughter dates on chooks to make it appear that they had a longer life date on them to artificially extend their shelf life, repackaging unsold meat and mixing older meat with fresh meat.   

For an organisation who churns out a massive 6 million chickens a week throughout the UK, this is a real concern.  This exposes a major health risk on those who consume their chicken, with Salmonella food poisoning being the biggest threat.

You might be wondering . . . can this story get any worse? Well, unfortunately it does. Not only have 2 Sisters been accused of falsifying chicken dates, they have also been accused of altering the record of where the birds were slaughtered, leaving them almost impossible to trace and recall in the event of a food scare.

A spokesperson from 2 Sisters told the investigation: "We view these allegations extremely seriously.  However, we have not been given the time or the detailed evidence to conduct any thorough investigations to establish the facts, which makes a fulsome and detailed response very difficult.  What we can confirm is that hygiene and food safety will always be the number one priority within the business and they remain at its very core."

Supermarkets who use 2 Sisters as their chicken supplier are conducting their own investigations in to this matter. 



  1. Falsifying products is illegal
  2. Falsifying food safety records is illegal
  3. One company not follow good practise can tarnish the whole industry. 




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