New Features Just Released - Focus on Human Resources

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Significant Improvements to Various Modules - January 2013

We are pleased to be able to report that our first release for 2013 has just gone live. Here are the details of all the changes:

Human Resources module

  1. A hotly requested function from customers is the ability to import access profiles. This will allow clients to automatically create access rights without the need to tick every access, edit, delete and add tick box in the Access Rights module. The setup of the profile is under System Admin and is then used in the Access Rights sub-module.
  2. We have enhanced the security around the Employees search screen as well. We have added another filter in Access Rights called “Can View All Employees”. If selected then the employee can view all the details of employees in the Employees module. If not selected then they can only view their own details.
  3. Another security feature added is the ability for some employees’ details to be viewed by others (but not all employees). This function has been added to the Access Rights and is called “This Employee’s Details Can Be Viewed by”.
  4. A big issue has been the speed of reports from the Human Resources module where selecting skills and employees was making the report writer very slow. We have therefore added a new report writer for skills. This is called Employee Skill Report and is available as a sub-module in the Human Resources module.
  5. Another customer request was to improve the recording of one-off training like attendances at seminars, conferences, briefings, internal training events, etc. These weren't particularly easy to add in the previous version. We have therefore added a new module called Employee Training which is available as a sub-module in the Employees module. This module has the following fields:
    a. Name of Training
    b. Training Type
    c. Start Date
    d. Finish Date
    e. Hours
    f. Provider
    g. Location
    h. Comment
    i. Attachments
  6. The following fields have been added into Other Details in the Employee sub-module:
    a. Medical Condition
    b. Drivers Licence Expiry
    c. Licence Conditions
  7. We have added Risk as an available field in Reports
  8. From a lot of customer feedback we have enhanced the 'Suspend an Employee' function. Now, when you suspend an employee, that employee will not display in the employees search screen but will still be searchable by using the search function on the top left of the screen.

Risk Management module

  1. To distinguish between links and files in Risk Registers a line has been added between them in the View Risk Register module.
  2. Risk Template Setup - following some customer feedback we have added extra warnings when deleting risk fields. The warning dialog box will display: Caution: Deleting fields on this page will be a permanent loss of the data in those fields. Extra caution must be taken. Please contact your Mango Partner for advice before modifying your template.

Dashboard module

  1. Clients can now have their own news announced within Mango. A new Announcement window has been added to the Dashboard. This will display between My Zone and the Latest news windows. The Announcements sub-module is in the System Admin module.
  2. Two new features have been added into My Zone:
    a. View My Training: enables the user to view, add, edit or delete any one-off training.
    b. View My Support: enables the user to view progress on any support questions to Mango.

Workflow module

  1. You now have the ability to edit the subject line for all emails from the workflow module.
  2. A new feature to delete investigators has been added.
  3. Comments can now be made to workflows.


Partners can now view (and edit) client’s support questions.


A bookmark ICON can be downloaded for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.