October 2017 – Australia’s National Safe Work Month

Posted by Craig Thornton

Commit to improving workplace health and safety in October

Each October, Safe Work Australia run a ‘National Safe Work Month’. This year’s theme is “Sharing safety knowledge and experience benefits everyone”.

The aim is to spread awareness of workplace health and safety and to encourage people to share stories and knowledge on how to make the workplace a safety place for everyone.

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To help you raise awareness of this campaign and to create a safer workplace, Safe Work Australia have created a campaign kit. This kit contains free material such as documents and posters to raise awareness of the campaign and articles and videos on how to make the workplace a safer place for all. Below we have created lists of some useful resources supplied by Safe Work Australia. 

Branded material:

Editable Posters

Facebook covers

Document templates


Health and Safety information:

Five steps to a safe and healthy workplace

Ideas for your National Safe Work Month initiative

Australia Health and Safety facts

Seminars and videos

What are you going to do to make your workplace safer this October? Tell us in the comments section below. Get involved and share your knowledge. If you are using social media then be sure to use the #safeworkmonth hashtag.




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