Risk Management for QHSE Professionals

Posted by Craig Thornton

Webinar Background

In this webinar we were joined by Chris Peace.

Chris is the Managing Director at Risk Management Limited and is based in New Zealand.

Chris is probably the most experienced Risk Management Professional in New Zealand. He provides training for NZISM in Risk Management and is also a member of the Joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee OB007 "Risk Management". 



Chris discusses the meaning of “risk” and “risk management” and where ISO 31000 fits in to organisational management.

Here’s what Chris covers

  • Risk - meaning and implications for WHS
  • Risk management meaning and implications
  • The place of ISO 31000 in WHS
  • The future of risk-related joint standards

Watch this 60 minute video to learn the understanding of "risk" and "risk management" and where ISO 31000 fits into organisational management. 

Here are the slides.

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