8 Tips on How to Make Your Office Environmental Friendly

Posted by Becky Bouterey

Do your part in protecting our one (and only) planet!

What is your office doing that impacts the environment? Are you degrading or enhancing the planet?  Have you implemented sustainable business practices that protect the planet?

The philosophies around sustainability in business are sound.  But the uptake of these is very slow.  It is more than likely that these philosophies are at the whim of the CEO at the time.  As soon as she leaves, the new CEO will probably set a different course.  Sustainability will then be just a "thing of the past". 

But still, there are too many organisations that aren't not facing the facts and are contributing towards the abuse of the planet.

No matter what your workplace looks like, be it an office, manufacturing plant or a building site – there are steps that you can take to reduce your impact.


8 steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint in your office:

  1. LED Lighting:
    • Replace standard lightbulbs with LED bulbs.
    • LED bulbs use approximately 75% less power than standard bulbs.  
    • A reduction in energy use means a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.
    • That's a win-win!
  1. Go Paperless:
    • It might be unrealistic for your business to go 100% paperless, but try cut down on paper use and go digital.
    • Where paper is necessary, try and only use 100% recycled paper
    • If you use hand towels in the bathroom ditch these for a hand dryer or a hand towel
  1. Transportation
    • Encourage "green" commuting.
    • This could be as simple as:
      • Carpooling
      • Public transport
      • Biking
      • Walking to your office
  1. Manage waste effectively
    • “Reduce, reuse and recycle"
    • Teach your employees how to recycle properly.
    • Encourage employees to reduce their waste.
      • Are disposable cups and plates really necessary? Can you use the other side of that piece of paper you’ve just thrown in the bin?
  1. Remove toxic cleaning products
    • Switch out any toxic cleaning products and replace them with environmentally friendly cleaning products.
    • If you hire professional cleaners, encourage them to use green cleaning products, if they refuse then seek out an eco-friendly company to do your cleaning.
  1. Switch off!
    • Are you aware that machines on standby power are a massive environmental culprit and expense? You can minimise this by setting up automatic programmes that automatically power down company machines at night.
    • Get into a habit of switching off computers, lights, machinery and AC at the end of the work day.
  1. Get office plants
    • Ensure your office has at least one green plant in it. Plants are great for recycling the air in your office.
    • There are other benefits of having plants in sight – they have been proven to reduce stress and positively affect peoples' moods.
  1. Lunches
    • Remove the use of plastic wrap when making your lunch. A great alternative is beeswrap Beeswrap is a sustainable wrapping to store food in. It is washable, reusable and of course disposable.
    • Buying a coffee for lunch? Bring your own mug. Having your own mug means you reduce waste by not having to throw out the disposable coffee cup. Another perk is that many coffee shops tend to offer a discount to customers who supply their own mug.

Besides feeling satisfied knowing you’re doing your part to take care of the environment, there are other advantages of adopting eco-friendly behaviours. Take marketing as an example. If a prospect was deciding between using you or an identical competitor (that doesn't care about the environment) then your business will come across as the more appealing one.

What does your business do to protect the environment?

Comment on this blog and share with us your knowledge and any tips you may have on sustainability and taking care of our environment. 

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