Using of Risk Based Thinking When Creating Your Internal Audit Schedule

Compliance at it's Best Last week found me on a small plane flying over New Zealand’s picturesque South Island. I sat ...
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Is it time to STOP Internal Auditing?

Cease dependence on inspection (i.e. stop auditing)  I was on LinkedIn the other day reading back over some interesting ...
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5 Habits of Successful QHSE Compliance Managers

And how to ‘up your game’ As consultants and implementers of QHSE software we obviously get to meet and talk with a lot ...
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7 Keys to Running an Effective Internal Audit Programme

Webinar Background Internal auditing is a key part of any compliance system, be it health & safety, quality management, ...
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Internal Audits - Your (Not So) Secret Weapon

How to get more - much more - out of your internal audits To help fight evil, Batman has his grappling hook and the ...
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