What are Your Health and Safety Obligations for Careless Workers

Posted by Craig Thornton

In this blog I talk to Greg Smith from Wayland Legal about the Health and Safety obligations for careless workers.


Webinar Background

Over the years research has shown that one of the most common recorded reasons for work-related injury and illness was ‘the worker was careless’.

I’m sure you’ve recorded that same cause in an accident investigation. In addition, things like ‘just not thinking’ are common.

The research has also shown that Employers and Managers reported that they had put in place as many safety precautions as they could, so when accidents happened, they were likely to be the result of careless employees.

Is it really down to ‘careless employees’?

In this webinar I discuss this really important topic with Greg Smith from Wayland Legal in Perth. Greg is Australia's leading Safety Lawyer with many years of experience in the safety industry.

Here are the slides from the webinar. 




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