FPG uses Mango to effectively track their compliance

Mango's Events Module ensures compliance activity doesn't get missed

FPG Fire Solutions provide fire and security solutions to all types of customers to protect property and life from fire, theft and vandalism. They are based in the United Kingdom and operate from London, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Warrington, Bellshill, Linlithgow and Aberdeen.

FPG originally used Microsoft Excel to manage their compliance. This system proved to be a nightmare as it was very labour extensive searching through different spreadsheets to see whether compliance tasks were up to date. This system wasn't just ineffective, it was inefficient too. Making it clear that FPG was in need of a system that reduced administration time and took control of their compliance hassles. They also needed a system that would meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and a number of security and industry specific standards.

After an insightful demonstration of Mango software, FPG made the wise decision to adopt Mango to take control of their compliance management. 

Watch the video to hear how Mango “solved these problems”. 



Email reminders for events has made managing our compliance system much, much easier.”

Bob Copeland - Divisional Manager of Compliance and Risk


FPG needed a system that was easy to use and encouraged employees to report compliance activity such as accidents, incidents, non-conformances and maintenance. The new system had to be integrated and easy to use.

Mango ticked all the boxes and was implemented over a four month period. 

The Customer

FPG is a leading specialist in protecting life and property from fire. They deliver exceptional service to all customers including some of the largest financial, Blue chip Commercial & Industrial institutions, Local Authorities and Health Boards. 

The Business Issues

  • Guys on the floor were not reporting accidents, incidents, non-conformances and improvements because there was too much involved in the process.
  • Highly labour intensive
  • Important compliance activity was being forgotten and not followed through. 
  • Their old system was ineffective and inefficient.

The Solution

It was clear that FPG were in need of a more efficient system that encouraged employee participation. 

Mango solved their compliance problems with a simple to use, integrated management system. It has increased employee participation throughout the organisation, especially with the guys on the floor. They are now reporting accident, incidents, non-conformances, inspections and calibrations. 

Mango's email reminders mean they no longer have to worry about tasks being forgotten and not completed on time. 

The Benefits

  • It has encourage participation - people are now reporting accidents, incidents, non-conformances. 
  • It is easy to track compliance activity
  • Email reminders and dashboard notifications ensure nothing gets forgotten
  • A single centralised system that is always up-to-date.
  • The ease of accessibility has made the systems more visible.

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