Mango “exceeds expectations” for health & safety

Mango has helped Ngai Tahu Tourism achieve better decision-making and employee buy-in

Ngai Tahu Tourism (“NTT”) own and operate some of the most iconic and exciting tourism experiences in New Zealand. Spread across the country, their businesses are diverse in nature and include jet boating, wildlife parks, glacier tours and lake cruises.

With health & safety being of strategic importance to the organisation, NTT knew their existing system could be improved.

Prior to Mango, NTT were running a paper-based system with manual processes. This meant they had poor workflows with duplication of materials and effort across their businesses. Further, being spread across the country, communication of policies and processes was difficult.

As Rachael Sweetman - Group HR Manager – explains, their business requirements were clear: “Our objective was to consolidate all of our H&S documentation and processes in one place, whilst still promoting strong ownership of health & safety at a regional and business level. We needed one centralised system that could be used by all staff and give us clarity of information, transparency of systems and processes, and automated reporting.”

After a formal evaluation of potential solutions, NTT chose Mango because of its ease-of-use and the strength of reference checks performed with existing clients.

And as Rachael explains, Mango has allowed them to go beyond their original objective: “Mango has exceeded our expectations. The enhanced transparency the system provides means that not only do we have an excellent overview of health & safety activity throughout the company, it has encouraged employees to take more responsibility for health & safety at their individual levels, assisting them to follow company processes and to prioritise required actions.”


“We are exceptionally happy with Mango and the support we’ve received.”

Rachael Sweetman - Group HR Manager


Rachael puts the success of Mango down to its ability to address some fundamental business drivers: “For us so much is about visibility of key information. If you make H&S easy for staff, you’ll get more buy-in and they’ll take more responsibility. And if you make the information accurate & easily accessible, you can act quickly on what the system is telling you and drive improvement initiatives.”

NTT are also one of the first to make use of Mango’s new workflow module which allows organisations to create specific modules on the fly. In NTT’s case, they created a Boat Incident module which records incidents and accidents, as well as the follow-up, investigation and corrective actions.

The key driver here was the need to improve an inefficient Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process which requires cross-company teams from various locations to review the RCA. Now with Mango, this process can be easily managed with everyone being able to see the same data in real time.

In summary, Rachael is “extremely pleased” with both the product and the service provided by Mango and described the care and attention as being “fantastic”.

The Customer

Ngai Tahu Tourism is the parent company for a selection of iconic tourism businesses. Each business offers a range of unique experiences for travellers to and around New Zealand. The diversity of the businesses includes boating experiences, guided walks and eco-tourism ventures in some of the most spectacular locations in New Zealand. It employs some 300 staff.

Ngai Tahu Tourism is one of 4 subsidiaries of Ngai Tahu Holdings Group - the investment company of Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu, being the principal Maori iwi (tribe) of the southern region of New Zealand. Group revenues are in excess of $200m.

The Business Issues

  • Poor transparency & visibility meant senior management weren’t always in control
  • Duplication of materials in various locations
  • Inefficient workflows were having a drain on resource
  • Poor communication meant staff weren’t sure what was expected of them
  • Keeping the system up-to-date was consuming too much resource

The Solution

Mango was deployed across the organisation through a hosted “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model. It was implemented and adding value within a few weeks. The result was a single, consolidated H&S system for use by all of the organisation’s respective businesses.

The Benefits

Mango delivered a strong return on investment through:

  • Significant reduction in resource needed to manage H&S obligations
  • Greater staff buy-in and improved employee satisfaction
  • A single centralised system that is always up-to-date
  • Far more efficient communication & reporting
  • Key resources freed up so they have time to focus on improvement initiatives

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