Mango brings "easiest year of compliance" for quality, health & safety and environmental

Mango makes it easier for CF-Direct to meet its various compliance standards

CF-Direct is changing the shape of corporate services across Australia.  Its vision is to provide a hotel-like experience within the workplace.

CF-Direct offer a range of services – including staff hub management, catering, mail room services and facilities administration.

Prior to Mango, CF-Direct was using a paper-based system which was causing them an array of problems. Now it uses Mango for all its environmental, quality assurance and health & safety needs. 

Watch the video to hear how Mango delivered “big efficiency gains”. 



“Mango has simplified our lives and changed our culture.”

Jennifer Fevrier - HR and HSEQ Manager


The Customer

CF Direct is an Australian owned company, established in 2004. They have offices throughout Australia, as well as Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. 

They specialise in providing corporate soft services that are tailored to each client.They provide the following services:

  1. Coffee direct
  2. Pantry direct
  3. Catering direct
  4. Mailroom direct
  5. Concierge direct
  6. Partner direct

The Business Issues

  • Paper work continually being misplaced 
  • Compliance tasks were not being completed on time
  • Supervisors and managers were forgetting to do important tasks
  • There was too much paper, was difficult to find important information

The Solution

CF Direct's compliance management system was all over the place and was out of control. It was obvious that they were in need of a system that was integrated and easy to manage

Mango proved to be the best solution for CF Direct for many reasons. In particular, the ability to set reminders to ensure nothing gets forgotten. 

The Benefits

  • Eliminated masses of paper and duplicated efforts
  • Event reminders ensure nothing gets forgotten
  • Enabling them to stay on top of all their compliance requirements.
  • A single centralised system that is always up-to-date.
  • An on-going culture of follow-up
  • The ease of accessibility has made the systems more visible.

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