Mango solves “lots of pain” for quality management and food safety

Mango makes it easier for Kinross Farm to meet its various compliance standards

Kinross Farm is a family-owned Australian business that has been producing high quality eggs for over 40 years.  

Kinross Farm uses Mango to help it meet a number of quality and food safety standards, including Australian Egg Corp, HACCP and the retail standards of Woolworths & Coles.

Prior to Mango, Kinross Farm was using a paper-based system which was causing them a number of problems.


“Mango has given our people a way to improve their workplace and job.”

General Manager, Operations


The implementation of Mango for Kinross was straight forward.

Over two days, the Kinross Management Team and the Compliance Team commissioned Mango to fit their business needs. This also included training for Mango Administrators, Mango Co-ordinators, Mango Investigators and Mango Users.

The Customer

Kinross have a strong commitment to quality and food safety.  It all begins with the rearing of their day old chicks. 

They then continue with this commitment to quality and food safety through the use of state of the art egg grading and packaging equipment and their own dedicated fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles.

This ensures that their eggs are the freshest, safest and of highest quality possible.

The Business Issues

  • Improvements not being recorded
  • Investigations getting lost
  • Corrective actions not being addressed on time
  • Responsibility for action not assigned 
  • Documents held in various location

The Solution

Mango was implemented across the whole company from the farms, through the processing and then onto the delivery drivers.

The Benefits

  • Central database of all non-conformances
  • Assignment of responsibility to all compliance tasks
  • Improved business processes – in particular, for non-conformances & improvements
  • Improved document control

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