Dashboard Software for QHSE Compliance

See Everything On Your Plate - All In One Place

The dashboard is your home inside Mango. It's where you see all events, improvements, accidents & incidents and risks you own or have an interest in.




"Allows users a way to easily monitor their responsibilities within the system in a familiar way"

Ben O'Donoghue, Director - Total Management and Training


Mango’s Dashboard Provides Clarity:

  • The dashboard is simple, making training easy, thereby minimising down time
  • Less hassle - unlike traditional dashboards, users don't have to leave the task they are doing to get information about their assigned tasks or about the system as a whole
  • The information is in real time
  • It instantly provides users with a prioritised to-do list, helping to better organise the working day and week
  • It removes that nagging thought that we often have – when you know you should be doing something, but can't quite remember what it was or when it needed to be done by
  • Users of Mango are less stressed, more in control and more productive
  • Any item (task, improvement, accident, etc.) requiring attention is shown on that user’s dashboard – with any overdue items shown in red
  • With Mango an organisation’s system is transparent


System Overview

Mango also provides a holistic overview of the health of your compliance system, as a whole.

For example, you can instantly see a snapshot of how your quality improvement and accident/incident performance is trending.

For more information regarding the Dashboard's main features, check out the examples below or click here for more information.