Work both Online and Off-line using the Mango QHSE App

Compliance Has Never Been So Accessible

Manage your QHSE responsibilities from an app in your pocket.

Easily record accidents, audits, inspections, incidents, customer complaints, non-conformances, improvements and risks from anywhere. 

Mango works both on-line and off-line. So no matter where you in the world, Mango is keeps you connected to your management systems.  

The Mango QHSE App can be downloaded for free from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android devices.  

The App Gives You the Following:

  • Off-line and on-line access
  • Accident/Incident reporting and investigation
  • Audit/Inspection recording of results
  • Improvement reporting and investigation
  • Risk Management reporting and investigation
  • Event Management sign-off
  • Plant and Equipment data entry and maintenance 
With thousands of clients, across multiple industries and all located around the globe, the Mango QHSE App has proven to be a great tool to meet standards like:
  • ISO 9001 - quality management
  • ISO 14001 - environmental management
  • ISO 45001 - health and safety management
  • ISO 27001 - information security
  • ISO 22000 - food safety
  • ISO 22301 - business continuity
  • OSHA - safety management 
  • Local health and safety laws, regulations and codes of practise 

Stop wasting your time with inefficient paper trails and take control of your QHSE compliance system at the tip of your fingers with the Mango QHSE App.

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Mango App - The Power is in your pocket: Usage Examples

Accident/Incident reporting and investigation

Record accidents and incidents straight into Mango from your smartphone. Then investigate the accident and incident and create a simple report that includes photos and images from the camera or image library on the phone. Simple as!

Audits/Inspections recording of results

Record the findings from your audits on the Mango App. Mango will notify you when an audit is due. You can complete a simple audit report straight into the App. Once you have done the audit on the App the system will notify the reviewer that the audit is complete. Is it any wonder external auditors just love this module! Never forget to conduct the weekly, monthly or annual inspections that so often get overlooked.

Improvement reporting and investigation

Improvements to your system can be recorded straight from your smartphone. Then investigate the improvement and create a simple report that includes photos and images from the camera or image library on the phone.

Risk Management reporting and investigation

Any risks that you have identified can be added right into Mango using the App on your smartphone. Then investigate the risk on your App and then create a simple report of your findings. How easy is that?

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