Mango for Event Management

No More Forgotten Activities - No More Excuses

In today’s hectic work environment, many tasks must be managed concurrently. As a result, scheduled system activities can be overlooked. This is one of the main findings reported by auditors - that jobs are simply forgotten.




"Events (Reminders) module helps ensure nothings ever gets missed"

Chris Watt, Quality and Health and Safety Manager - Hally Labels


Event Management Made Easy

Mango’s Event Management module controls scheduled activities and reminders.

It enables you to programme any necessary activity - for example drills, audits, staff reviews, review meetings, preventative maintenance and calibrations, etc.

Mango then automatically emails the person responsible for completing the task. If tasks are not completed in the prescribed timeframe, gentle email reminders are automatically sent by Mango. If the task remains unfinished, Mango alerts the system administrator.

The Supplier, Human Resources and Documents Management modules have the ability to set up scheduled events. Once set up in these modules, the events are displayed and controlled in the Event Management module. 

With Mango you can:

  • Automatically remind the person responsible for a task
  • Automatically send escalation alerts to the administrator if events are not completed within the administrator-defined timeframe
  • Set up events to reflect requirements
  • Easily view events
  • View an employee’s events on the Dashboard
  • Keep a history of all events
  • Set up any type of event
  • Easily observe due or overdue tasks
  • Be assured that the system is maintained and controlled at all times

Use Mango’s Event Management module to:

  • Control your preventative maintenance
  • Control the calibration activities that occur on scheduled events
  • Plan and schedule internal and external audits and management reviews
  • Manage and control recurring training requirements

For specific ways in which Mango's Event Management module is used, check out the usage examples to the right or click here for more information.