Supplier Management Software for QHSE Compliance

Ensure Your Suppliers Don't Let You Down

Compliance programmes require that you have readily available information on approved suppliers and sub-contractors.

Conducting periodic reviews of suppliers and sub-contractors is essential to ensure your organisation meets your compliance requirements.

A reliance on out-dated, paper-based systems means that many organisations forget to approve, review or maintain this information. Systems that fail to address the importance of supplier management negatively impact on productivity with work being forgotten, duplicated or even lost.

"Ease of use has allowed us to get our staff and contractors fully engaged"
Bob Shirley, Forest and Harvest Manager - Summit Forests NZ Ltd

Supplier Management Made Easy

Mango’s Supplier Management module is designed to provide user-configurable control over suppliers and sub-contractors.

Mango keeps approved suppliers and sub-contractors in a central list for staff purchasers. It’s an easy and simple way to control approved lists of suppliers and sub-contractors.

Take the next step to complete control over supplier management - and enjoy the benefits of intelligent system compliance.

Advanced system integration enables cross-linking of information between the Supplier and Human Resource modules, enabling automated training cycles to be developed.

With Mango you can:

  • Rate suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Prescribe your own rating categories
  • Receive email reminders for review periods
  • Approve and monitor external trainers
  • Provide employees with approved suppliers and sub-contractor details
  • Control a single database of supplier and sub-contractor information
  • If required, automatic notification of training requirements directly to suppliers and sub-contractors is available, saving your time and effort

For specific ways in which Mango's Supplier Management module is used, check out the usage examples below orclick here for more information.

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Supplier Management in Mango: Usage Examples

Training Providers

Create and maintain a central single source list of approved training providers. Providers are rated according to your configured approved ratings. Mango allows for automatic notification to providers when training is required.

Manage Contractors

Manage a comprehensive list of approved contractors that can conduct maintenance.


Use the Supplier module to provide notification when suppliers are due for periodic audits. Send a notification directly to your suppliers if required.

International Links

Include international suppliers and contractors to streamline maintenance and repairs anywhere, anytime.

Standards Addressed
  • Clause 8.4 of ISO 9001
  • Control a single approved suppliers or sub-contractor list
  • Although not a requirement of the ISM code, it is good practice to manage suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Ensure that only approved suppliers or sub-contractors are used by your business
  • Have a system that proactively sends notifications when suppliers and sub-contractors need to be reviewed

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