Assessment Management for Your QHSE System

Seamlessly Integrate Your Assessments into Your Management System

A lot of organisations find the assessment process time consuming and returning them little to no value because any value is taken up in the management of the process.

Whether your assessment activities are questionnaires, pre-qual, or inductions it should be easy to do and seamlessly integrate into your other compliance activities without adding any weigh or time to your system and return value and time.

"One system, rather than numerous spreadsheets. Assisting in giving ownership for processes outwith QHSE department."
Shona Hendry, Group QHSE Manager - Hydrus Group

With Mango you can:

  • Create unlimited assessment templates that reflect your business and industry.
    • Supplier/Contractor/Subcontractor Pre-qualification
    • Supplier/Contractor/Subcontractor Inductions
    • Supplier/Contractor/Subcontractor Employee Inductions
    • Customer Pre-arrival
    • Customer Survey
    • Performance reviews
    • Employee Pre-employment questionnaire
    • Employee Induction
    • Employee Annual reviews

  • Display assessment data alongside other module information to give you a clear understanding of performance
  • Enable you to build a video into your assessment to ensure your organisation message is clearly understood
  • Send a link via email so assessments can be done remotely
  • Define your sections, questions, tool-tips and scoring text to reflect your organisation

Use Mango’s Assessment module to:

  • Better control of your assessment processes
  • Ensure assessments are formally controlled and managed.
  • Assessment results display directly in your employee, supplier, contractor and customer information.
  • No paperwork, no duplication, Just right first time.

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Assessment Management in Mango: Usage Examples


Send an email link to your suppliers and contractors for them to record all their attributes and qualifications prior to your engaging with them.


Send an email link to your customers for them to record their satisfaction with your performance. No paperwork required.


Conduct online inductions with your employees, suppliers and your supplier's employees. 


Send out online staff surveys/questionnaires/performance reviews in a simple workflow.

Standards Addressed
  • Clauses 7, 8.4, 9.1 of ISO 9001
  • Clause 7, 8.1, 9.1 of ISO 14001
  • Clause 7, 8.1, 9.1 of ISO 45001
  • Clause 7, 8.1, 9.1 of ISO 27001
  • Clause 6, 7, 10 of the ISM Code

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