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Get More People Reporting Issues - With Less Paperwork!

Many organisations spend more time dealing with the paperwork associated with reporting maintenance, rather than dealing with the maintenance itself. 

This can have negative impacts on how your organisation operates, and may often lead to detrimental outcomes, as the maintenance has not been dealt to in an efficient manner.

By introducing a system that removes paperwork through reporting maintenance online, your organisation will be able to efficiently and effectively attend to any unplanned maintenance required – freeing up time for more important activities.

"Mango gives me consistency across everything that I do... It has made us work smarter, not harder."
Diana Goodman, Accreditation, HR & Health and Safety Manager - DSC Group

Report Maintenance Made Easy

Mango’s Report Maintenance module is ideal for you and your staff to easily report and record unplanned maintenance through a seamless workflow.

You can do this online from anywhere, at any time – and in stages that you define.

With Mango, there's no need for hard copies as your employees report and record maintenance directly within Mango in a paperless process.  Once reported, managers are instantly alerted that maintenance is required and the appropriate registers are automatically updated.

Following the initial recording, the maintenance is then assigned to an investigator to determine the appropriate corrective actions. These actions can include: activities to resolve the maintenance, machine lockout, identifying the hazards associated with the work, and what protective equipment you need to use.

With Mango you’ll get more people reporting maintenance, improve the visibility of your unplanned maintenance and reduce paperwork

Mango is also proactive – sending out automatic emails to those individuals responsible for the maintenance and, if necessary, following up and escalating the task if it isn’t completed.

With Mango you can:

  • Easily observe due or overdue maintenance
  • Assign the maintenance to an investigator to determine the appropriate corrective actions 
  • Report maintenance online - meaning you can do it from anywhere, at any time
  • Set up any type of maintenance
  • Automatically send escalation alerts if the maintenance is not completed within the administrator-defined timeframe
  • Be assured that the system is maintained and controlled at all times
  • Easily set up an asset register

Use Mango’s Report Maintenance module to:

  • Report and record unplanned maintenance through a seamless workflow
  • Remove Paperwork when reporting maintenance 
  • Improve the visibility of the unplanned maintenance
  • Get more people reporting issues 

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Report Maintenance with Mango: Usage Example

Responsible Persons

Use this module to ensure that any reported maintenance is assigned to an appropriate investigator who can then take appropriate corrective actions


The module links to other modules like Plant & Equipment, Risks, Suppliers, Customers, PPE, Employees, Improvements and Dashboard. Making it a truly integrated system.

Corrective Action

This module will ensure corrective action is taken, by making the assigned employee determine what activities will resolve the maintenance, whether the machine needs to be locked out, or what hazards are associated with the maintenance. 

Standards Addressed: 
  • Clause 7.1.1 of ISO 9001 
  • Clause 7.1 of ISO 14001 
  • Clause 6.1, 6.3, 6.4 and 7.2.3 of ISO 22000
  • Clause 7.1 of ISO 22301
  • Clause 7.1 of ISO 27001



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