Charts for QHSE Compliance

Analyse your data and highlight what needs improvement

In business, it can be hard to identify trends. That’s why charts are a great tool to display data in a visual manner.

Mango's chart module can display's data from the Accident/Incident Module and the Improvement Module.

"Mango is easy to use, builds discipline and allows effortless monitoring of improvements"
Warren Taylor, Manager Building Unit, Waimakariri District Council

With Mango you can:

  • Create customised charts through our chart writer.
  • The customised charts allows you to report on specific fields with specified filters.
  • Choose either a line, bar or pie graph to display the results.
  • Once you have created your customised graph, you can save it inside Mango for future reference.
  • Export graphs out of Mango by downloading or saving files to your computer.

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Charts in Mango: Usage Examples

Lost Time Incident Rates

Mango will display LTI incident rates per 100 employees.

Lost Time Frequency Rates

Mango will display LTI frequency rates per 200,000 or 1,000,000 hours worked. These can be for 3 monthly or 12 monthly rolling averages

Average Number of Days per Lost Time Injury

Mango will calculate the average number of days per LTI over any time period.

Make Better Informed Decisions

Charts display information on what's going on in a business in a manner that allows you to make better decisions.

Improve Your Compliance System

Charts provide a visual display of your compliance information. This then allows you to determine if improvements you have made to the business have had any effect on performance.

Identify Trends

The Charts Module is a great way to identify trends inside certain areas of the business.

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