Alaron Products no longer spend any time searching for reports or documents. 

Alaron Products specialize in the manufacturing of dietary supplements, complementary medicines, therapeutic goods and personal care products. They are trusted by companies globally to deliver outstanding quality and reliable products. 

Being a manufacturing company, Alaron Products have several compliance programs they have to meet, including; NSF GMP, GMP, ACVM, FDA, ISO 13485 - Medical Devices Manufacturing, MPI, Food Act, HALAL, Kosher and BioGro – Organic Certified Products. 

Watch the video to find out how Mango has streamlined Alaron's systems with Michael Biolous, QA Compliance Manager. 




"I’d definitely recommend Mango to other businesses – it’s a great solution, easy to use, and easy to be implemented."

Michael Bialous, QA Compliance Manager 



The Customer

Prior to using Mango, Alaron Products relied on spreadsheets for their training program, and Microsoft Access for their preventative maintenance program.

These systems were cumbersome and not reliable, resulting in a number of external audit actions. 

Employees would spend valuable time searching for missing documents, or retrieving spreadsheets that had shut down. 

The Business Issues

  • Difficulty managing deadlines and event dates
  • Tasks were often forgotten or not followed up
  • Documents and reports would often go missing or shut down
  • Audit actions were often raised against the reports 

The Solution

Since implementing Mango in 2019, Michael Bialous, has not lost a single document.

Mango has made Alaron more streamlined – they no longer spend time searching for reports and documents.

All of their internal audits are conducted within Mango, allowing the manufacturing team to complete daily, and weekly audits on their Tablets.

The Benefits

  • Ability to carry out internal audits within Mango 
  • Easily able to pull reports for external auditors and regulators 
  • More people are able to be involved and raise improvements 
  • Confidence knowing accidents/incidents will be followed up
  • Reports are completed within required due dates
  • Easy to use and easy to be implemented

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