That Mango system is awesome for QHSE compliance

Mango has helped ACHM achieve triple certification in a simple and manageable way

Australian Cultural Heritage Management (AHCM) is a leader in cultural heritage management throughout Australia. It has expertise managing the heritage requirements of major industrial developments, civil works, urban, mining and resources developments while balancing the requirements of statutory authorities and stakeholder groups.

The company has triple certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS 4801.

Prior to using Mango, AHCM had the usual assortment of paper-based policies, procedures, forms, checklists and the obligatory stack of spreadsheets.

ACHM’s Managing Director, Dr Shaun Canning, explained that “keeping the management system up-to-date, finding the relevant resource or document and having stuff everywhere” were real problems when trying to manage the systems.  It was making it difficult to seek their triple certification.


“Mango enables us to stay on top of all our certification and compliance requirements while not being distracted from providing our clients with the high levels of service they expect from us.”

Shaun Canning - Managing Director



ACHM started using Mango in March 2017.  By July 2017 they were successfully triple certified. 

Dr Canning puts a large part of this success down to Mango. 

“Plain and simple: Mango took away all the issues we had with a paper-based system”. 

Mango makes it “much, much” easier to update documents and manuals.  All the compliance requirements are in one place.

Dr Canning especially likes the Event Management module.  The alerts and reminders is a great tool to ensure nothing gets forgotten about.  An example of this is when stone artifacts require repatriation for reburial, Mango reminds staff that the task is due and will keep reminding them until it’s done.

Dr Canning summarises his feelings about Mango from what the external auditor said 2 hours into the audit: “That Mango system is awesome”.

The Customer

ACHM is a leader in cultural heritage management across Australia. They manage the heritage requirements of majorindustrial developments, civil works, urban, mining and resource developments while balancing the requirements of statutory authorities and stakeholder groups.


The Business Issues

  • Inefficient workflows were having a drain on resource
  • Keeping the management system up-to-date was consuming too much resource
  • Locating relevant resources or documents was difficult and time consuming
  • Their paper-based system was all over the place and out of control 

The Solution

Mango was implemented across the organisation in March 2017 to create a simple compliance management system where everything was in the one place.

By July 2017, ACHM had achieved triple certification with the help of the beautiful Mango software. 

The Benefits

Mango delivered a strong return on investment through:

  • Enabling them to stay on top of all their certification and compliance requirements
  • A single centralised system that is always up-to-date
  • Ensuring nothing gets forgotten about through setting up alerts and reminders
  • Significant reduction in resource needed to manage H&S obligations
  • Easier to update documents and manuals

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