We load staff qualifications or equipment into Mango, and it's 'set and forget'

Mango gives me peace of mind to know we were meeting the compliance requrements.

Beaver Tree Services has been a Perth tree services industry provider since 1979.  They are knowledgeable, experienced and committed to providing a responsible and professional job. The Beaver Tree team consists of highly experienced people. They use only the most reliable equipment and are absolutely dedicated to doing the job well.




“Mango has been excellent, it has saved us a lot of time"

Joe Carriera, General Manager, Beaver Tree Services


The Customer

Beaver Tree Services are sought-after specialists for all types of tree removal right down to meticulous pruning. 

All their staff are highly trained in Arboriculture and they are environmentally responsible - 100% of the wood removed is recycled and used for mulch or timber products.

The Business Issues

  • Spreadsheets were becoming too big to handle efficiently.
  • One person was spending 2-3 days a week, trying to keep up-to-date with ensuring staff certificates were current.
  • The possibility of mistakes and things getting missed was very high

The Solution

Mango is the set-and-forget solution.  Qualifications, certifications and compliance requirements are put into the system and reminders are loaded straight away and sent to the right people.

The software is very intuitive. Their support solves any questions.

The Benefits

  • Saves 2-3 days a week on administration checking certification requirements are correct
  • Peace of mind that all compliance - from employee certification to equipment maintenance - is programmed in and up to date.
  • Mango creates consistency in what they do.

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