The Globally Harmonised System

Posted by Craig Thornton


Do you know what the symbols mean on the labels of hazardous chemicals? 

If you don't then watch this video with Laurie O'Donoghue from Total Management & Training.

In this second whiteboard session, Laurie explains to you how the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) is used for the classification and labeling of chemicals and world wide.  

Laurie discusses the 9 most common pictograms that you will have seen on the hazardous chemicals labels and gives you brief explanation of what they mean.



  1. Know and understand the Global Harmonised System for classifying and labeling hazardous chemicals.
  2. Understand the 9 hazardous pictograms:
    1. Flame over circle
    2. Flame
    3. Exploding bomb
    4. Gas cylinder
    5. Skull and crossbones
    6. Corrosion
    7. Health hazard
    8. Environment
    9. Exclamation mark



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