Conducting a Hazardous Chemicals Risk Assessment

Posted by Craig Thornton


Do you know how to conduct a risk assessment for your hazardous chemicals?

The forth whiteboard session with Laurie O'Donoghue from Total Management & Training, gives you advice on how to conduct a hazardous chemical risk assessment at your workplace.

This video also gives you advice on what type of control measures you might require and when you may need to implement any special controls. 



  1. Determine who will do the risk assessment.
  2. Review the information (on the Safety Data Sheet).
  3. Determine the use of the chemical.
  4. Assess the risk:
    1. How is the chemical to be used?
    2. Where is it used?
    3. Is there equipment involved?
    4. What is the exposure potential?
    5. What control measure are needed?
    6. Is monitoring required?
  5. Sample risk Hazard Risk Assessment form
  6. May need special controls for that substance.

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