Where to get Information on Hazardous Chemicals

Posted by Craig Thornton

Have you ever wondered what those labels mean on hazardous chemicals?

In this third whiteboard session with Laurie O'Donoghue from Total Management & Training, he tells you how you find information on the hazardous chemicals that come into your workplace.

Laurie breaks down a hazardous chemical label to help you understand the information.  He also tells you who should supply a safety data sheet, where it's found and what type of information should be on it. This is so you know what to look for and get to understand the chemicals you have in your workplace.



  1. Two ways to find information on hazardous chemicals.
    1. Label on the container
    2. Safety Data sheet
  2. What information to look for on a label
    1. Name
    2. UN number
    3. Volume
    4. Signal words
    5. GHS pictorials
    6. Precautionary statements
    7. Company details
  3. What important information to look for on a Safety Data Sheet
    1. Hazards
    2. First aid, fire-fighting, accident release
    3. Handling, storage and transport
    4. PPE

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