Hazardous Chemical Video Series - Part 8 of 8: Storage for hazardous chemicals

Posted by Craig Thornton

In the last of the  whiteboard sessions with Laurie O'Donoghue from Total Management & Training, you'll learn how important it is for you to keep up to date records for the hazardous chemicals you have and why you should dispose of any that you no longer use.



Do you have a manifest in your workplace showing where the hazardous chemicals are stored and is it up to date?

Are there chemicals in your workplace that you don't use anymore but your not sure what to do with them? 

Some chemicals are incompatible, Laurie tells you where to look to find this information to ensure your workplace is kept safe. 



    1. Eliminate unnecessary chemicals
    2. What needs to be on your manifest and your register of hazardous chemicals
    3. Label all chemicals clearly 
    4. Storage of chemicals
      1. Keeping the storage area clean
      2. Inspection of storage tanks and containers
      3. Remove food and personal belongings from the storage area
      4. Are the chemicals clear of any vehicles if not do you need bollards etc
    5. How to find information on incompatible chemicals
    6. Check fire fighting equipment 
      1. Is this correct equipment for your chemicals
    7. Check spill kits
      1. Do you need bunded pallets to contain spills


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