ISO Compliance Myths part 2 - Learn from a Certification Body

Posted by Craig Thornton

In this video you will learn more common myths associated with compliance. 

The presenter Leon Michailidis, from Equal Assurance, describes more ISO certification myths and how they might affect you. You will learn also how you can overcome those myths.

This video is the third in a series from a Certification Body (CB) viewpoint.  The first two videos can be viewed here and here.


Are all consultants equal?

What is the point in having a consultant who is only concentrating on getting the next tender? Will that same system be viable in 2-3 years time?

Leon understands that you need consultants who will help you develop a great system. This system has the ability to grow the business and will meet all the requirements of the current and hopefully future certifications.

How impartial are the CB's to consultants?

Leon acknowledges that there are relationships between CB's and consultants but believes that for the most part they are positive and proactive. 

He is not about to 'pull any punches' if he sees that a client's safety practices are not up to par, he will let the client and consultant know.   

"Never lose sight of the end game, always provide good products and services"  

There are those consultants who try and embed themselves into the client's business. This never gives the client the opportunity to fully understand and be confident with their own system, thereby forcing the client to call back the consultant time and again. Leon feels that this is doing a disservice to both the client and the consultant.  He is a great proponent of giving the client the knowledge and independence to run their own systems and learn how to continually make improvements where necessary. 

Leon knows that honesty really is the best policy and that this is one of the ways you can enhance your reputation. 

We are seeing an increasing number of software products in the market as more and more companies look to simplify their compliance system. This has changed the way that auditors audit systems as they now have to focus on process-based auditing and less compliance based auditing. 

Software has to compliment the process flow of the business and auditors need to ensure that the software the client has is responding to that.   



  1. Focused on developing a good solid system for your business
  2. Educate the client to understand and effectively run their own system
  3. Find software that understands the process flow within the business. 

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