What is ISO Certification? - The IRM Systems ISO Compliance Series

Posted by Craig Thornton

In this blog we talk about the process for ISO certification. This leads on from the previous blog about different roles organisation when getting ISO Certification.  

Andrew Thornhill from IRM Systems discusses what you need to know about ISO certification for your organisation.



Video Transcription

Once you’ve developed a management system, you’re ready to have it certified.

3 Show at _Once we have developed and implemented our management system_

That means that you’ve got to bring in an independent Certification Body (CB). The CB will send out an auditor, or a team of auditors, to audit your management system against each and every requirement in that particular standard that you are seeking certification to.

When that has been conducted and you have been found to conform to every requirement, the CB will issue you a certificate as proof you meet the standard.

It is at that point you can communicate to the market place that you have achieved an ISO certification against the nominated standard.

Fundamentally this is an independent process by which you have demonstrated conformance through objective evidence to every requirement in the standard.

It is important to note that developing a management system and having it certified is a lot of work. It involves a significant cost as well. Therefore right from the start, don’t just aim for conformance and a certificate on the wall. If that’s all your aiming for, that’s a pretty expensive process. Right from the start you need to be thinking , how can we get value out of this process.  Use the process to make improvements to your business

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