Hazardous Chemical Video Series - Part 6 of 8: What Training Should be provided for hazardous chemicals

Posted by Craig Thornton

What training do you need for hazardous chemicals?

In this sixth whiteboard session with Laurie O'Donoghue from Total Management & Training, you will find out what training you will need for hazardous chemicals.

You will learn who you need to train in your workplace. 

You'll be able to feel confident you are training your employees and your contractors in safe work practices for the hazardous chemicals you have in your workplace.  



  1. Determine who needs to be trained in hazardous chemicals.
  2. Determine how to train both employees and contractors:
    1. Induction
    2. Provide the required information 
    3. Need for supervision
  3. Determine what training is needed:
    1. Safe work practices
    2. Location of the safety data sheets
    3. Nature of the hazard
    4. Controls - i.e. use of PPE
    5. Emergency procedures
    6. First aid and incident reporting procedures 


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