Healthcare Logistics uses Mango to meet their compliance requirements

Mango gives you complete control over your documents and ensures the most up-to-date version is available

Healthcare Logistics is based in Auckland, New Zealand. They are a third party distributor for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

They are certified to both ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).  They have Ministry of Health licences for selling medicines and secondary packaging of medicines.  They also must have food safety standards to meet and must meet GMP for veterinary medicines.

Prior to investing in Mango, Healthcare Logistics used a paper-based system to manage their compliance activity. This was highly labour intensive and did not meet the strict security requirements of their clients. 

It was evident that they were in need of a more effective system.

They have been a Mango client for 7 years.

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“Mango has made us more compliant and able to prove our compliance.”

Matt Taylor - Quality Systems Manager, Healthcare Logistics



The Company

Healthcare Logistics is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

They are a third party distributor for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

They need to meet multiple standards for Quality, Environmental, Ministry of Health, Food Safety and GMP.

They get multiple onsite audits each year from their clients.

The Business Issues

  • Their old system was inefficient
  • Had to do a lot of photocopying
  • Had to purchase specific (expensive) paper for document control
  • Their intranet was seen as an insecure electronic repository - did not meet their GMP requirements
  • The old system required a lot of manual labour
  • Compliance activity was not being followed through

The Solution

Healthcare Logistics were in need of a solution that was integrated, took control of document management and reduced manual labour.

Mango proved to be the perfect solution as it ticked all the boxes.

Mango gives them the ability to prove their compliance easily.e ability to prove their compliance


Gives them the ability to prove their compliance

The Benefits

  • Removed the use of paper
  • Made them more compliant
  • Increased the quality of their outputs as Mango ensures processes are being followed
  • Can access SOP's electronically on a secure system which ticked the box for clients
  • Tasks are followed through to completion
  • Mango has made them more efficient, saved them time and made them far more compliant

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