Mango is their complete Health and Safety Compliance tool

When an auditor comes in, we can easily track and prove that we are meeting compliance requirements.

City Logistics is one of South Africa's largest transport and logistics company.  They are based in Durban but have depots throughtout the country.

Prior to using Mango, City Logistics used had a very manual system. The systems were not being utilised.  There were missing documents and files. It was difficult to retrieve specific documents when needed. 

Watch the video to find out how Mango solved this pain. 



“The adaptability of Mango is quite extraordinary.”

Craig Hayden - Risk Operations Manager, City Logistics


City Logistics required a system that made document control a breeze and that effectively managed compliance activity. Mango software covers both of these issues which is predominantly why it was selected as the chosen solution.

The Customer

City Logistics are a transport and distribution company. The head office is in Durbin, South Africa and they have multiple depos throughout the country.

The Business Issues

  • Paper-based system resulting in documents missing from files
  • No archive system in place - made it difficult to retrieve old versions
  • No systems in place to manage health and safety requirements
  • Time consuming and ineffective

The Solution

When Craig Hayden was appointed Risk Operations Manager at City Logistics he was quick to get an appropriate system in place.

After thorough research of different solutions, he found Mango ticked all the boxes. 

The Benefits

  • Alerts ensure nothing gets missed
  • It was simple for the organisation to adapt to the software
  • They can now view previous versions of documents
  • The system is in-control and is compliant

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