Gwalia Healthcare uses Mango to make their compliance efficient and effective

Mango ensures information is easy to locate and all activity is tracked.

Gwalia Healthcare are a medical device manufacturer located in South Wales, United Kingdom.

They are certified to ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

Being certified to these standards requires a lot of compliance.

Gwalia Healthcare originally used a paper-based system to manage their compliance activity. This came with multiple issues such as paper being moved between desks and important documents being misplaced. This was an un-compliant, inefficient and ineffective system.

Investing in Mango helped solve these issues and proved to be money well spent. 

Watch the video to hear how Mango helped them.



“Mango has made us more efficient, saved us time and made us far more compliant.”

Graeme Olsen - Senior Quality Manager, Gwalia Healthcare



The Company

Gwalia Healthcare is located in South Wales, United Kingdom. They provide the pharmaceutical industry with polymer products. They are certified to ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

The Business Issues

  • They were uncompliant
  • Their old system was inefficient
  • Paper was getting passed between desks and often getting lost
  • Compliance activity was not being followed through

The Solution

Gwalia Healthcare were in need of a solution that was integrated and ensured all compliance activity was followed through accordingly. The solution needed to be simple to use, more efficient and help make them compliant.

The Benefits

  • Important information can no longer be lost
  • Compliance activity is now followed through 
  • They can easily check the status of compliance activity
  • Reminders ensure tasks and events are completed on time
  • Mango has made them more efficient, saved them time and made them far more compliant

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