Hovey Group uses Mango to ensure compliance activities are not forgotten

Mango allows Managers to focus on other areas of the business

The Hovey Group are a construction based business based in Australind in Western Australia. The group has three entities: MJB Industries, Australind Pre-mix and J.A.K Civil. 

All three entities use Mango to manage their compliance requirements and are triple certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS 4801 

Pre-Mango the Hovey Group used a paper-based system to manage their compliance activities. They had spreadsheets, documents and policies located all over the show making it difficult to manage and communicate compliance activity. 

Mango fixed these issues and makes sure no compliance activity gets forgotten.

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“Mango allows Managers more time to concentrate on other areas of the business.”

Ian Prosser - Systems Manager, The Hovey Group


Having multiple spreadsheets, documents and policies located in different areas meant they were unable to effectively manage their compliance requirements. With Mango, the Hovey Group are able to keep on top of their compliance tasks and focus on other areas of their business. 

The Customer

The Hovey Group is a family owned business with three businesses under its umbrella. These being MJB Industries, Australind Pre-mix and J.A.K Civil.

They service the industrial, commercial and domestic industries. Through the relationship between Australind Premix, S&J Excavations and MJB Industries, they are able to offer clients a complete solution by providing a civil engineering & excavation service coupled with the supply & lay of pre-mixed concrete and concrete products.

The Business Issues

  • Array of policies, procedures and spreadsheets that was cumbersome and difficult to manage
  • Multiple locations resulting in an incoherent system
  • Important compliance activity being forgotten
  • Extremely labour intensive and time consuming

The Solution

The Hovey Group needed a solution that removed the 'multiple locations' setup.

Mango proved to be a great option as it integrated their entire system and ensured their system was well managed.

The Benefits

  • Don't miss important insurance reminders
  • Reminding employees of plant and equipment servicing and quality testing is due
  • Truck maintenance is a lot easier to do
  • Documents are now easy to find and keep track of
  • Elimiated a mountain of paperwork

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