Plant Care uses Mango to ensure all compliance activity is captured

Mango makes document control simple

Plant Care is a plant installation and maintence company based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

They are required to be certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001. These certifications are crucial for their business as major client contracts rely on them.

Prior to implementing Mango, Plant Care relied on a paper-based system. This system was highly labour intensive and proved to be ineffective and inefficient. Information was located in multiple places and document control was at an all-time low with different versions of documents being used in different places.

Mango was an attractive solution as it solved their main pain, document control.

Watch the video to find out how Mango solved their compliance issues. 



“Mango solved our main pain, document control.”

Giles Davis - Partner, Plant Care


Their biggest challenge was document control. Old versions of documents were in different locations and it was poorly managed. 

The Company

PlantCare is a landscaping business located in Bristol, Wales. They provide interior planting schemes and exterior grounds maintenance services to a range of workplaces.

The Business Issues

  • Accidents, incidents and improvements were not being followed through
  • Their old system was highly labour intensive
  • Document control was a major issue - old versions of documents were being used
  • Extracting information was extremely time consuming

The Solution

Prior to implementing Mango, PlantCare used a combination of a paper based system and excel spreadsheets. This made it difficult to track down information as it was located in different areas. Document control was a nightmare as there were different versions in different places. 

They needed a solution that made managing document control simple and where everything was intgrated. mango proved to be the right solution for them as it ticked all the boxes and made managing compliance a breeze. 

The Benefits

  • Accidents, incidents and improvements are now followed through accordingly
  • THey can now extract infofmation out of their compliance system much, much faster
  • Mango ensures the most up-t-date version of documents are being viewed
  • A lot less labour intensive

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