Mango delivers “improved customer service” to local government

Mango helps Waimakariri District Council increase productivity and customer satisfaction through improved compliance

For Waimakariri District Council’s Building Unit, Mango has been a “game changer” - both in how it operates and the level of service it provides to its customers.

The benefits have been wide and varied, including time & cost savings; improved customer services; better communication & reporting; productivity gains and increased employee satisfaction.

“We’ve achieved all our goals and more with Mango,” says Warren Taylor, Building Unit Manager at Waimakariri District Council. “Our previous management system was paper-based and very labourious. It wasn’t adding any value, was really difficult to use and offered no transparency.”

Waimakariri District Council was introduced to Mango by their ISO 9001 auditor who recommended they take a closer look. “There was a real stigma attached to our existing system so when we saw how interactive and user-friendly Mango was, it was an easy decision,” says Warren.

In Mango Warren saw a system that could be the catalyst for change: “We wanted a system that would allow us to demonstrate continuous improvement – not just talk about it as some pipe dream. Mango allowed us to stop talking about the need to improve and actually be able to demonstrate that we were improving.”


“I love Mango because it has enabled us to transform our business processes.”

Warren Taylor - Building Unit Manager


Whilst being part of the Council meant that ISO 9001 was important to the Building Unit, of greater concern was the Building Consent Authorities (BCA) scheme.

The BCA scheme – which requires councils carrying out building consent, inspection and approval work be accredited – was a key goal for the Council’s Building Unit.

Warren explains: “Achieving BCA accreditation was critical for us and Mango helped us accomplish that. It gave us an interactive and user-friendly system that could deliver some real improvements. Mango has helped us become more customer-focused and deliver a better service to our community.”

Warren is also keen to point out the value Mango has had on team morale and the impact on individual performance: “We wanted to create some buzz around the system – to get people talking about it and keener to use it. Mango allowed us to achieve that because it is so interactive and user-friendly.”

Craig Thornton, Chief Support Officer at Mango, picks up the story: “We’ve really enjoyed helping the Council achieve a step change in performance. At the end of the day, that’s what software is all about – being able to deliver real value that’s evident both inside and outside the organisation.”

Warren attributes a lot of Mango’s value not just to the software, but also its people: “One of the reasons I love Mango is because they are so easy to deal with – they listen and then offer practical solution. Also to see our suggestions get incorporated into the software is really gratifying and shows we’ve got a voice.”

The Customer

The Waimakariri District Council is a Territorial Local Authority located in North Canterbury in New Zealand. The district was established in 1989 and covers an area of over 2,200 square kilometres with a population of 50,000.

Territorial Local Authorities are the second tier of local government and their statutory responsibilities include local roading, planning, building control, water, sewerage and waste.

The Council’s Building Unit carries out the district’s building consent, inspection and compliance programmes and is one of the top five building consent authorities in the country (as measured by the number of dwelling consents).

The Business Issues

  • Existing management system was proving an obstruction, rather than an enabler
  • Keeping the system up-to-date was consuming too much resource
  • Poor staff interaction & ownership of the system
  • Processes were inefficient and a hindrance to driving improvements
  • Poor transparency resulted in lack of confidence in the system

The Solution

Mango was deployed across the Building Unit through a hosted “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model. It was implemented and adding value within a week. The result was an interactive management system that delivered greater transparency and collaboration.

The Benefits

Mango delivered a rapid return on investment through:

  • Key enabler in achieving accreditation of Building Consent Authorities (BCA) scheme
  • Greater staff buy-in and improved employee satisfaction
  • Significant reduction in resource needed to manage the building consent process
  • A single centralised system that is always up-to-date
  • Far more efficient communication & reporting
  • Key resources freed up so they have time to drive improvement initiatives

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