Mango “immediately removes QHSE compliance pain”

Mango has helped Hunter Civil achieve considerable time and cost savings to its Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management (QHSE) programmes and deliver tangible value to the business.

The key requirement for Hunter Civil in selecting Mango was to replace a paper-based QHSE compliance management system that took too much time to maintain and added no value to the company.

According to Hunter Civil’s Construction Manager, Jason Fergusson, the system was holding the company back: “It was such a drain on resources - just the management of paper was taking time away from doing our core activities.”

And for a company who prides itself on the quality of its work, the system was undermining Hunter Civil’s strength in the market. Jason explains further: “We knew we were good at what we did but were finding it hard to prove. We had to spend unnecessary time trying to prove that we were meeting our client and system requirements. When you’re trying to focus the company on being the best, you can’t afford for your management system to be holding you back. That’s why we switched to Mango.”

Another key reason for selecting Mango was its ability to remove the burden of compliance from its staff: “As the person responsible for the management of the system I spent too much time chasing employees. We needed a solution that would tell people what needed to be done – instead of relying on them to remember.”

Jason describes their migration to Mango as a short and seamless process: “The great thing about Mango in removing our pain was that it was immediate. Within the space of a few weeks, Mango was fully implemented, our system documented and everyone was fully trained.”


"Mango is easy to implement, use & manage and has great support.”

Jason Fergusson - Construction Manager


Now with Mango, Hunter Civil’s problems are a distant memory according to Jason: “We can now prove in seconds that we’re meeting both our client and system obligations. We’ve got real staff participation, nothing is overlooked and the Management Team is getting the information they need. Mango has also freed us up from shuffling paper so we now have time to focus on driving improvements.”

Hunter Civil recently obtained ISO 9001 certification and is now working towards its ISO 14001 accreditation - something which Jason says wouldn’t have been possible without Mango: “We are now able to identify any issues within seconds and immediately address them. Actions and task are now managed effectively and nothing is overlooked.”

Jason concludes: “As a product, Mango is awesome – it’s so user-friendly. It also has the best customer support of any product we have ever used - they know their stuff and are really responsive.”

The Customer

Hunter Civil provide construction services and project management for the civil construction industry.

Its services include bridge construction, concrete repairs, marine construction, design & build, earthquake repair and wastewater treatment & drainage.

In addition to its ISO 9001 certification, Hunter Civil is also a member of the New Zealand Contractors Federation.

The Business Issues

  • Time-consuming paper-based management system that added no value
  • Experienced difficulties proving its ‘total quality’ approach to clients
  • Management of paper was taking away from completing core activities
  • Execution of the processes described in the system wasn’t being done and important events were being missed
  • Senior management weren’t getting the information they required

The Solution

Mango was deployed across Hunter Civil through a hosted “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model. It was fully implemented and adding value within a few weeks. The result was a single integrated compliance system for QHSE management.

The Benefits

Mango delivered a rapid return on investment through:

  • Significant time and cost savings
  • More staff participation in the company's systems
  • Ability to prove client and system obligations in seconds
  • Better communication & reporting
  • More focus on driving improvements
  • Greater employee satisfaction

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