Software to Manage Business Continuity During a Crisis

Business Continuity Made Easy

Business continuity during a crisis is hard.  

There are multitudes of Government and State legislation and regulations to overcome.  Plus the health and safety of your staff is an over-riding factor.

Therefore, having a system to look after these legal and operational requirements will mean less time spent on administration and more time to implement safe work procedures.


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The Mango Solution

Mango manages those business continuity health and safety safety tasks that have become critical during a crisis.

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Contact Tracing PPE Health monitoring Inductions

Mango gives you the ability to:

  • Contact trace employees using the Mango QHSE App
  • Track the allocation of PPE to your employees 
  • Record and track illnesses and injuries
  • Record training records, inductions, licences and certifications and create automated events to remind you when they’re up for renewal
  • Increase employee participation through an extremely user friendly interface
  • Save time and money by cutting down on paperwork and duplication

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Policies, Procedures & Forms

Your policies, procedures and forms are housed securely within Mango. Single source document control is immediately in effect. 

Accidents & Incidents

Mango manages your accidents/incidents within one module. All information relating to the accident/incident is recorded online in one form. No more paper forms, no more double ups, and no more paper accident/incident registers!

Risk Management

Put all your hazards in Mango, assign them to a hazard register using your personally designed templates and monitor them through automated system events that prompt you to review each register periodically. 

Use Mango to meet and exceed the requirements laid out within:
  • ISO 22301 Business Continuity

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