Mango delivers “big time & cost savings” to QHSE activities

Mango has helped Skellerup achieve considerable improvements in its Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management (QHSE) programmes, resulting in tangible business benefits & cost savings.

The key driver for the introduction of Mango at Skellerup was an existing QHSE compliance management system that had evolved over 20 years into 5 separate management systems.

According to Nick Steel, Project & ISO Business Systems Manager and Helene Haase, Business Systems Coordinator at Skellerup, there was a lack of confidence in the systems: “We were suffering because the system was disjointed and had no controls”, says Nick.

“The single biggest issue was probably document control. We had multiple versions of a document being used across different departments and regions.”

For a global organisation like Skellerup, having to conform to multiple QHSE standards, the situation was unacceptable – and so their search for a better solution began.

Skellerup followed a formal evaluation process to choose the right solution. Having defined their business requirements, they then evaluated various solutions using a weighted score sheet with the target set at 85%.

Nick continues: “That’s when we found Mango. Their solution scored 92% but just as importantly they really impressed us with their understanding of what we needed to achieve.”


“Mango is our one-stop-shop. I can find any improvement, event or document in less than a minute.”

Nick Steel - Project & ISO Business Systems Manager


According to Mango’s Chief Support Officer, Craig Thornton, “Implementation was straightforward because Skellerup knew what they wanted the system to do and their staff knew they needed to improve.”

Today Skellerup use Mango to operate a single integrated management system that combines Quality (ISO 9001), Health & Safety (NZS 4801) and Environment Management (ISO 14001).

Progress has been rapid and was recently confirmed by the company’s latest audit which noted “excellent improvement since the last audit” and resulted in no non-conformances.

Looking back, Helene says they’ve come a long way in a short amount of time: “We’ve taken hold of our compliance management. We’ve got real focus, we’re all on the same page and we’re able to easily share accurate information across the company.”

As for Mango and their approach, Nick concludes: “These guys know what organisations like Skellerup need from an integrated compliance management system. The software is easy to understand and usability is great. Their approach is also no-nonsense and we receive great on-going support from them. Mango has become a one-stop-shop for Skellerup”.

The Customer

Skellerup is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of technical polymer products and vacuum pumps for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications.

Founded more than 100 years ago, Skellerup is a now a global company headquartered in New Zealand, with operations in Asia, Europe, North America and Australasia. It has grown significantly and is the second largest manufacturer of dairy rubber in the world.

Skellerup is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), employs 750 staff and has a turnover in excess of $200m.

The Business Issues

  • Compliance management was disjointed and spread across 5 different IT systems
  • System was unmanageable and had very little credibility
  • Audits were proving extremely challenging
  • No document control - resulting in multiple versions being used
  • Reviews being missed
  • No set objectives
  • Non-conformances not being recorded

The Solution

Mango was deployed across the organisation through a hosted “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model. It was implemented and adding value within a week. The result was a single integrated compliance system for QHSE management.

The Benefits

Mango delivered a strong return on investment through:

  • Significant time and cost saving
  • Instant touch-button reporting that is always up-to-date
  • Improved business processes – in particular, for non-conformances & improvements
  • Better document control
  • Improved internal audit programme
  • Superior environmental performance

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