Mango has made the system easier to understand and more user friendly

Mango has given us consistency across our sites and breaks down complex information

Imperial is an African-focused provider of integrated market access and logistics solution.

Founded in 1948, Imperial has evolved into one of South Africa's largest diversified multinational groups. Imperial's decentralised business model facilitates and encourages the acquisition, development, and growth of large and small businesses alike, balancing a strong entrepreneurial culture with disciplined financial control and sound governance.

Imperial Contract Logistics have to meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Food, Safety, BRC (British Retail Consortium), RTMS (Road Transport Management Systems), SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) Accreditation as well as their own customer audits.

The system that Imperial used prior to the Mango software, was found to be very 'glitchy' which included having to reboot the system and do regular updates.



“I think Mango has come up with an ultimate system, giving updated information that we can use when we require it" "

Hussein Dhooma, SHEQ Administrator, Imperial Contract Logistics


The Customer

Imperial have values that support the delivery of their strategy and enable them to connect Africa and the world while improving people's lives with access to quality products and services.

They have many ISO standards that they have to comply with as well as their own internal customer audits and Mango helps them manage all of this.

The Business Issues

  • Previous system was constantly requiring updates and reboots
  • Users were not happy with it
  • Using an excel spread sheet meant always having to worry about when the next training was due or when employee driver license's were going to expire etc.

The Solution

Showing the staff the benefits of the Mango system and how easy it is to use has made a significant difference to the 'buy-in' of the system to our staff. 

Communication is better with the different work sites with regards to Health and Safety administration. 

Event reminders take away the hassle of having to remember when certificates or other licenses are due. 

We require regular reports on Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses, there is always a report on the system and it's easy to extract that and provide to the relevant heads of departments. 

The Benefits

  • Staff find the system much easier to work with and are more willing to use Mango than the old system.
  • Event reminders make everything so much easier
  • It has given Imperial Contract Logistics consistency across the various sites with the use of the mobile app.
  • Reports are always available and up to date.

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